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Comprehensive asbestos removal and assessment services for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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What to expect

step 1

Initial consultation to assess hospital's specific requirements and concerns.

step 2

Customised removal plan designed to minimise impact on hospital operations.

step 3

Implementation of stringent safety protocols to protect patients and staff.

step 4

Efficient removal of asbestos materials while maintaining a safe environment.

step 5

Thorough clearance inspection to ensure complete removal and compliance.

step 6

Issuance of clearance certificates and documentation for peace of mind.

Our promises to you during the project

Experienced professionals prioritise safety and efficiency to minimise disruption and ensure compliance.

Strict adherence to regulations and industry standards to guarantee a safe and compliant environment.

Tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of hospitals, keeping patients, staff, and visitors safe throughout the process.

Minimization of disruption to hospital operations, with careful planning and execution of removal works.


Asbestex Provides a Full Range of Asbestos Services

If you suspect that your building or home has asbestos containing materials, do not handle them yourself.

Contact the experienced team at Asbestex for safe identification, testing and removal of all asbestos containing materials.

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