Asbestos Registers & Surveys
Asbestos Registers and Surveys in NSW

Asbestos Registers & Surveys ensure NSW compliance. We meticulously assess location, extent, condition & risk hierarchy of asbestos-containing materials.

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Required for all Workplaces built prior to 31 December 2003
Required for all Strata Managed Buildings
Usually for council DA or CDC applications
Recommended prior to a sale, renovation, demolition of a property

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An asbestos technician will arrive onsite to undertake inspection and sampling

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Analysis of samples in a NATA Accredited Laboratory

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Detailed report for with findings and Managment Plan (if applicable)

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We quote on recommendations (i.e removal, encapsulating, sealing) etc.

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Registers & Surveys
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Asbestos Registers & Surveys
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Registers & Surveys
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