Penhurst West Public School

Safeguarding students with asbestos remediation at Penhurst West Public School, Mortdale, NSW, ensuring a safe learning environment.

Prioritising Safety: Asbestos Remediation at Penhurst West Public School

Penhurst West Public School, situated in the picturesque suburb of Mortdale, NSW, places the safety and well-being of its students at the forefront. In line with this commitment, the school has embarked on a vital project to address asbestos contamination within its grounds.

The project encompasses comprehensive earthworks and remedial ground works aimed at mitigating the risks associated with asbestos-contaminated soils. Located on Perry Street, the school's premises are undergoing meticulous remediation measures to ensure the effective removal and management of hazardous materials.

With a projected completion timeframe of just two days, Penhurst West Public School demonstrates its proactive approach to addressing environmental concerns promptly and efficiently. By swiftly tackling asbestos contamination, the school aims to uphold the highest standards of safety and protect the health of its students and staff.

Throughout the project duration, stringent safety measures are implemented to safeguard the well-being of workers, students, and staff members from potential exposure to asbestos fibers. Licensed professionals oversee every aspect of the remediation process, adhering to rigorous industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Penhurst West Public School remains steadfast in its commitment to providing a secure and nurturing learning environment for its students. Through initiatives such as asbestos remediation, the school exemplifies its dedication to prioritising safety and fostering a culture of responsibility within the school community.

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